With All Sincerity

The Age Where Nothing Fits

Released: 6/10/2003
Canterbury Effect

Every Piece Of Me

Released: 2/25/2003
Thirty Callled Arson

You’re Only A Rebel From The Waist Downward

Released: 2/25/2003
Beauty To Ashes

Reproduce the Common Practice

Released: 9/17/2002

VARIOUS ARTISTS : Plutopia Vol. 1 A Pluto Records Sampler

Released: 7/02/2002
American Tragedy, As I Lay Dying


Released: 06/18/2002
Shmunks For You

I Can’t Talk To The Walls Because They’re Yelling At Me

Released: 01/15/2002
Dreaming of the Fifth, Evelynn


Released: 11/13/2001
The Underdog Conspiracy


Released: 3/12/2002
Canterbury Effect

An Exercise In Humility

Released: 7/10/2001
As I Lay Dying

Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes

Released: 6/12/2001
Mindrage, Nailed Promise

Mindrage & Nailed Promise

Released: 1/16/2001