Shmunks For You

I Can’t Talk To The Walls Because They’re Yelling At Me

Release Date: 01/15/2002
Catalog: PLU011
Track Listing:
1 All I Have
2 My Matchbox Heart
3 Etching Knife
4 You Don't Need A Death Certificate To Die
5 Twenty-Four Hours
6 Those Who Drink Of The Life They Live
7 Kittyhead Doorstop
8 MetrioPatheio
9 The Ministry Of Love
10 We Are The Dead
11 Everything Is Being Perfected
12 The Known Is Ended
13 The Last Piece

Shmunks For You was a darkly polished hardcore punk band from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. Their explosive stage presence and unique style of melodic hardcore helped them gain local and regional popularity since their formation in 1998. After self releasing a few demos and a full-length, Burn Religion Burn, they joined the Pluto Records roster and entered Deedle’s Room Studio (Red Animal War, My Spacecoaster) in Arlington, TX to record what would become their masterpiece and sadly their last recording as the band called it quits soon after its release.

“Texas’ melodic hardcore fledglings Shmunks for You deliver a stupendous full-length debut with the uniquely titled I Can’t Talk to the Walls Because They’re Yelling at Me. Honing their distinguishable style by inflecting the melodies of emo with aggressive hardcore dominance, these four young men have capitalized on the wave of metalcore bands that emerged in the public’s eye throughout 2001 and have succeeded in creating their own niche in a scene that seems to be overflowing with talent. Similar to such lauded independent artists as Thursday, Thrice, and Grade, Shmunks for You rage with the passion of devoted musicians and the conviction of their faith. The combination of screams and light singing works most effectively on “You Don’t Need a Death Certificate to Die,” where Adam Sands and Scott Victory feed off each other’s every word as their lyrics delicately deal with being ready to die. Other high points on this spiritually cluttered album include “Twenty-Four Hours” and the moody harmonies of “The Known Is Ended.” While those less inclined to enjoy groups who promote religious faith may not find much here to enjoy, anyone with an open mind or a solid love of hardcore/punk should be more than pleased with Shmunks for You.” –

Produced by Shmunks For You and Matt Pittman.
Recorded at Deedle’s Room Recordings in Arlington, TX.
Engineered by Matt Pittman and Duane Deering.
Mixed by Matt Pittman and Darrel Lacour.
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX.
Design and layout by Darren Paul for Ice Planet Designs.

Shmunks For You was at the time of this recording:
Jeff Meaningless – Lead Guitar
Scott Victory – Bass/Vocals
Adam Paul Sands – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Francen – Drums