Canterbury Effect

Every Piece Of Me

Release Date: 2/25/2003
Catalog: PLU017
Track Listing:
1 Me Vs. Me
2 Lightning and Lottery
3 Color With A You
4 Future Gas Station Attendants
5 Every Piece Of Me

Canterbury Effect’s follow-up to their superb debut full-length is this Every Piece of Me EP. It includes five new tracks that expands the sound of their debut and pulls no punches in the heartfelt melodies and seismic hooks department.

“Hell yes, I love this stuff! Total Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music worship but they decide to take a more poppy, cleaner vocal approach.” – Substance

“emotionally amp’d power punk that will grab you the first second you hear it.” – Impact Press

Produced by Jon Hook and Canterbury Effect.
Engineered by Jon Hook at Artisan Recording.
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound.

Canterbury Effect was at the time of this recording:
Alan Milner – Vocals/Guitar
Levi McGranahan – Vocals/Bass
Jeremy Clarke – Guitar/Vocals
Jon Hook – Drums/Vocals