Beauty To Ashes

Reproduce the Common Practice

Release Date: 9/17/2002
Catalog: PLU014
Track Listing:
1 Bystandards of a Lifestyle Obsession
2 Chronicles of Life
3 Stereo Overdose
4 Protocol To Perfection
5 How To Put Out A Fire With Gasoline
6 Reproduce The Common Practice
7 The Detached
8 Candy Apple Smile
9 Vertigo
10 We Are 138

From Riverside, CA, this quintet seamlessly blends the best aspects of hardcore, punk, and metal into one blistering package. Kerrang Magazine summed it up for us: “Forget Finch, Hundred Reasons and the rest of the emo-lite pussies, Beauty to Ashes are the real deal. Reminiscent of Thrice and Recover, but with the melodic sheen of Thursday and the maniac punk energy of Refused, the phrase ‘livewire’ seems woefully inadequate to describe the sheer explosive power offered here.”

“the fury of trash guitar and layers it nicely with the speed and attitude of punk leads and rhythms as vocalist Joel Von Steitz spits out venomous, death-like lyrics.” – Outburn

“a heavy, serious, smart hardcore band” – Modern Fix

“punk attitude with Botch style ferocity, add a little bit of commercial Taking Back Sunday emo pop edge and Refused experimentation and you get an album that screams of significance.” – All Terrian

Produced by Beauty To Ashes.
Engineered by Dan Ochoa.
Mixed & Mastered by Dave Swanson at Lovejuice Studio in Riverside, CA.

Beauty To Ashes was at the time of this recording:
Alex Cabal – Guitar
Ryan Davis – Guitar
Joel Von Steitz – Vocals
Mike Villayicencio – Bass
Joseph Kasprzak – Drums