American Tragedy, As I Lay Dying


Release Date: 06/18/2002
Catalog: PLU012
Track Listing:
1 AILD - Illusion
2 AILD - The Beginning
3 AILD - Reinvention
4 AILD - The Pain of Separation
5 AILD - Forever
6 AT - -
7 AT - Choking on a Dream
8 AT - World Intruded
9 AT - Spite and Splinter
10 AT - Porcelain Angels
11 AT - Moments and In Between

As I Lay Dying’s second release included five new tracks that builds heavily on their debut full-length, Beneath the Encasing of Ashes (Pluto Records, 2002) and pushes their sound to melodic metal heights. Three of the tracks would go on to be re-recorded for their Metal Blade debut Frail Words Collapse (Metal Blade, 2003), and one on mainstream breakout album Shadows Are Security (Metal Blade, 2005).

Fellow San Diego band, American Tragedy contributes six tracks of emotional metal-tinged hardcore. Unfortunately, this amazing band went out much too quickly breaking up not long after the release.

“In conclusion, if (we) used a star system, this CD would get five out of four stars. These two bands are absolutely essential to the hardcore aficionado.” – Delusions of Adequacy

All songs recorded and engineered by Jeff Forest at Double Time Studios April 2002.
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound.
Concept, Art Direction and Design by Ryan Douglass at Halo Industries.
Layout by Gary Bahen at Accident Prone.
Harmony vocals on American Tragedy tracks 2-3 by Jeff Forest
Additional Guitar on As I Lay Dying tracks by Tommy Garcia
Additional Vocals on As I Lay Dying tracks by Jeff Forest and Tommy Garcia

As I Lay Dying was at the time of this recording:
Tim Lambesis – Vocals
Evan White – Guitar
Brandon Hays – Bass
Jordan Mancino – Drums

American Tragedy was at the time of this recording:
Tim Syler – Vocals
Jon Greene – Guitar
Todd Shields – Bass
Ryan Douglass – Guitar
Justin Greene – Drums