Thirty Callled Arson

You’re Only A Rebel From The Waist Downward

Release Date: 2/25/2003
Catalog: PLU016
Track Listing:
1 NRA Retirement Home
2 It's Hard To Say No When You've Got A Gun To My Head
3 It All Started In South Dakota
4 We're Just Twenty-Something Heartthrobs
5 Ivan Draago Is Not My Mentor
6 Untitled
7 It's Been One O'Clock For Days
8 It's Easy Being Lazy When You're Dead
9 I'll Make You Famous
10 But Soon There Will Be Skirts And Curtains
11 Have You Met My Friend Burns

Thirty Called Arson came out of nowhere in 2002 delivering “You’re Only A Rebel From The Waist Downward” and dropping jaws in the process. Their precise musicianship is enough to garner them attention, but when you add it with their devastating music, the result is chaos in CD format: brutally heavy, wildly varied in tempo, and with a skill set that defies categorization. The record makes its anarchistic mess, pauses for a few seconds to admire its destruction and leaves the way it came: to points unknown.

“The album title is a reference to 1984, George Orwell’s classic novel, which offers a glimpse into some dystopian future. [Thirty Called Arson] could be its soundtrack. Any Rock Sound reader who has been keeping an eagle eye on the state of American noisecore via Norma Jean or Curl Up and Die will be kicking themselves if they pass up Thirty Called Arson” – Rock Sound

“Brustal metallic hardcore played at blazing speeds with intricate musicianship” – Slug and Lettuce Zine

“Be warned, you will like these guys” – Substance

“a minefield of challenging musical selections designed to tax patience and fray nerves…Thirty Called Arson’s playing style is incredibly sharp…impressive.” – Terrorizer

“hitting you square across the jaw like a sucker punch from an unruly hardcore kid…this is one band to look out for” – Wonka Vision

“some of the most complicated songs in metalcore, Thirty Called Arson somehow get through them, leaving a trail of destruction behind them” – Impact Press

Produced by Hank Charles and Thirty Called Arson.
Recorded at Valcour Sound in Broken Arrow, OK during Nov 21-24, 2002.
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Studios in Dallas, TX.

Thirty Called Arson was at the time of this recording:
Zach Updegrove – Vocals
John Moreland – Guitar
Aaron Kennedy – Guitar
Kyle Masters – Bass
Craig Maricle – Drums