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Posted on 03/01/13

If you'd been paying attention, you'd have noticed things have been a bit quite around here for a while. The fact is, I've taken an extended vacation from the label to focus on other pursuits and I've kind of let things slide. Will there ever be new projects? Maybe. Maybe here, maybe somewhere else. I'm still figuring things out.

The doors are not completely closed though! The Pluto Store is and will always remain open. There are great deals to be found, so discover, rediscover, or just plain enjoy the increasingly rare physical manifestations of music. Of course, our releases are available from all your favorite digital retailers too and streaming services, so put those gift cards to use there.

Many of the bands that are still active have their own respective sites or Facebook pages where you are surely already following them, right? Good.

Feel free to poke around the site if you're feeling nostalgic, even if everything is a bit out of date. An updated website is in the works, and tons of goodies dug up from the Pluto vaults might also see the light of day. You'll have to keep checking back for that.

You should also follow us at our never-got-off-the-ground Facebook and Twitter pages just for old time's sake!

-Brian Pluto