Broadcast Sea is a Texas-based rock band that began in June of 2005. Featuring the talents of vocalist/guitarist Sterling Cash, guitarist Calvin Sprague, bassist Scott Addison, and drummer Ryan Sprague, the band has carved out their own niche with music that doesn’t always fall into an easily classifiable genre. With a punk rock ethic and influences as varied as June of ’44 and Shiner to Isis, this quartet takes you on a journey from aggressive and epic to catchy and melodic. Sometimes drawing comparisons to such bands as Hot Snakes, Bear vs. Shark, and Young Widows, Broadcast Sea roll their own brand of powerful and energetic rock music.

Wounded Soldier is the first album from Broadcast Sea. Produced and recorded by John Congleton of The Paper Chase and mastered by Alan Douches, the album is set for release on March 18, 2008 from Pluto Records.