Spark Is A Diamond

Try This On For Size

Release Date: 5/06/2008
Catalog: PLU039
Track Listing:
1 Diamonds Are Forever
2 Try This On For Size
3 ___ ___ Has A Deathwish
4 Look What You've Done To This Rock & Roll Town
5 Check Your Lease, You're In Fuck City
6 President Of The Wrong Crowd
7 Destination: Awesome
8 Interlude
9 Push It
10 Oh, Captain!
11 Re-wish // Death-mix

Vocalist Alison Bellavance and Guitarist Matt Boylan started Spark Is A Diamond in 2006 after the disbandment of their former band, popular Pennsylvania hardcore act Fall River. They go in a new direction here, creating a mix of punk and hardcore with heavy dance beats and alternating female/male vocals. The results lay somewhere between the electronically tinged punk assault of Refused and the body-thumping riffage of Death From Above 1979.

Their Pluto Records debut full-length, Try This On For Size, released May 6th, 2008 is a fast, furious romp full of manic dance-punk energy and hardcore spirit, triumphing in a style all their own.

Recorded & Engineered by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Recording, Baltimore, MD.
Mixed by Matt Bayles at Red Room Recording, Seattle, WA.
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio, New York, NY.
Artwork and Layout by Dann Miller of Stomach Designs, Houston, TX.

Spark Is A Diamond was at the time of this recording:
Vocals – Alison Bellavance
Guitars/Vocals – Matt Boylan
Drums – Joe Crawford