Please Mr. Gravedigger

Throw A Beat

Release Date: 3/29/2005
Catalog: PLU024
Track Listing:
1 You Gotta Tame The Beast Before You Let It Out Of It's Cage
2 Seventeen Year Old Piece Of Gold
3 The Nine To Five
4 Rocket Science
5 Wales

Please Mr. Gravedigger is “a living, breathing rock ‘n roll nightmare” and “one of most intriguing newcomers to graze the punk rock scene in some time” (

The band that turned heads in 2004 with their debut full-length Here’s To The Life Of The Party, is back continuing to bridge the gap between old-school punk with modern hardcore influences for an energetic sound that is as catchy as it is aggressive and raw.

Recorded by Dan Maier at Audio Design in San Diego, CA.
Production assisted by Jon Greene.
Mastered By Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY.
Artwork by Ryan Douglass at Halo Industries.
Additional vocals by Kelly Kotner.

PMG was at the time of this recording:
Tommy Gravedigger – Vocals
Richie Lauridsen – Guitar
Brandon Hayes – Bass
Johnny Upton – Drums, Vocals
Xavier Hernandez – Keyboards, Vocals
Eric James Olsen – Guitar, Vocals