HORSE the band

R. Borlax (Bonus Track Edition)

Release Date: 8/21/2007
Catalog: PLU037
Track Listing:
1 Seven Tentacles And Eight Flames
2 Cutsman
3 In the Wake Of the Bunt
4 Stabbers Of the Knife, By Kenny Pelts
5 Bunnies
6 Purple
7 Handsome Shoved His Gloves
8 The Immense Defecation Of the Buntallyffigus
9 Pol's Voice
10 Big Blue Violence
11 The Legend Of the Flower Of Woe (Bonus Track)
12 Kangarooster 4057 (Bonus Track)

The fantastical path of HORSE the band has been well publicized, but for those uninitiated few, HORSE the band is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  Deconstructing hardcore and metal trademarks and soaking them with a sharp tongue and even sharper wit, HORSE the band exploded on the scene with the release of their first studio album, “R. Borlax”, in 2003.  Since then, the band has gone on to collect a legion of die-hard fans around the world.  They’ve toured with heavyweights such as Dillinger Escape Plan, The Fall of Troy, Between The Buried and Me, Poison The Well, All That Remains, and Dragonforce.  They’ve held coveted spots on some of the nation’s largest summer festivals performing on both Warped Tour and Sounds of the Underground Tour.

Following the original release of “R. Borlax”, HORSE the band has released two more full lengths, “The Mechanical Hand” (2005) and “A Natural Death” (2007), and an EP called “Pizza” (2006) on Combat/Koch Records.

The new reissue of “R. Borlax” features remastered audio and two previously unreleased bonus tracks!