Divide The Day

Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys

Release Date: 7/12/2005
Catalog: PLU025
Track Listing:
1 My Yellow Pages Girl
2 Everybody in Florida Wears Running Shoes
3 File This Under Great Ideas At the Time
4 Jesus is Coming...Look Busy
5 You Say You Want Space? I'll Give You the Fucking Galaxy!
6 !Totally Outrageous Por Favor!
7 Jeff Mechie...You Son Of a Bitch!
8 East Willock Road
9 Vegas Baby Vegas
10 The Amazing Bro Basher 5000
11 Those We Love The Most, Never Truly Leave Us
12 The Annexation Of Puerto Rico
13 We Don't Mean to Impose, But We're a Hit In This Week's Gossip Column
14 Strive

“Easily the most exciting new album of the year” – Highwire Daze Magazine

Divide The Day’s Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys is a balls-to-the-walls mix of sleazy punk rock, soaring melodic hardcore, emotional post-hardcore, and a touch of southern rock flavor.

Recorded in April and May 2005 at Lovejuice Laboratories in Riverside, CA by Rich Picard and Inga “Woody”.
Mixed by Dave Swanson.
Mastered by Nolan Brett at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX.
Art Design by Aaron Marsh.

Divide The Day was at the time of this release:
Joe Nichy – Lead Vocals
Mike Patterson – Guitars, Vocals
Billy Haig – Bass
Jeff Metajan – Guitars, Keys
Matt Hernandez – Drums