Hopeless Youth

Devil, Walk With Me

Release Date: 04/13/2016
Catalog: PLU045
Track Listing:
1 The Garden
2 Devil, Walk With Me
3 Moon Child
4 Light Bearer
5 The Price To Pay

Hopeless Youth brings a chaotic and in-your-face blend of dissonant hardcore to the table, taking influence of everything from trash metal, crust punk to even black metal and doom. A mainstay of the burgeoning Montreal hardcore scene, Hopeless Youth previously released an EP in 2012 and a full-length with Candlelight Records in 2014. They’re back with an all new EP titled ‘Devil, Walk With Me’, coming out on April 14th digitally through Pluto Records and vinyl via Rainville Records.

Stream the title track, “Devil, Walk With Me” right now at