All For The Price Of Rings

Release Date: 7/06/1999
Catalog: PLU002
Track Listing:
1 Arrayed In Blasphemy
2 Leaves Fall In Stagnant Hearts
3 Ten Pieces Of Beautiful
4 Convalesce
5 Maybe This Is How God Felt (Chronicles Of The Well)
6 Glamour Will Fade
7 Brookhaven
8 Feather

On Lovelorn’s debut album, All For The Price Of Rings, the Arkansas quartet blend together aspects of hardcore, emo, indie┬árock, math rock, and noisecore to create a soundscape of unmatched proportion.

Lovelorn featured Jayson Holmes, formerly of the influential metalcore band Eso-Charis. Anyone who has heard his former band will not be surprised by this bands thought provoking lyrics and emotionally charged music. Their music has been compared to the likes of Coalesce, Roadside Monument, Pave the Rocket, and even Eso-Charis.

Recorded, produced, and mixed by Matt Depper and Jayson Holmes at Caleb’s Conquest Studios.

Mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX.

Design and layout by Kris McCaddon.

Fun Facts:
– Norma Jean singer, Corey Brandan Putnam, played guitar on “Maybe This Is How God Felt (Chronicles of the Well)”.
– Current Living Sacrifice bassist, Arthur Green, performed backup vocals on “Convalesce”.