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MY AMERICA Release New Album Online for FREE!
Posted on 11/29/10

MY AMERICA have released the follow-up to 2008's Stone Age online for free download! Hurry Up & Chill features 8 brand new tracks and is available now in a number of digital formats via the link below.

Every two years something beautiful happens in this ugly world we live in, a new My America record is released. It started in 2006 when they shocked with their revered debut “Narratives”. In what was the most prolific period of their history, they released a 7” in 2007 entitled “30,000 Lbs.” featuring three new tracks that gained them worldwide notoriety. The masses waited two more years for their proper full-length follow up, 2008’s internationally acclaimed “Stone Age” and they delivered with a crushing 10 track masterpiece that jostled the bowels with raw-intensity. A lot has happened since their last release leading up to their newest effort, aptly dubbed Hurry Up & Chill. Most notably they have spent the last two years performing and touring the US as a trio after the departure of longtime frontman David Rushman. The newly re-born My America have been playing new jams and old material alike at house parties the world over with a new punishing grunge aesthetic. But still, they had not blessed the throngs of ravenous fans with even the slightest hint of a new My America record. One that would capture the latest turn in their diverse musical catalogue. Read more.

DOWNLOAD Hurry Up & Chill HERE