"If a name is just a representation of a band, then MY AMERICA IS WATCHING TIGERS DIE couldn't be more fitting for them. Why fall into a category, an easy to digest label or genre, when you can make your own rules and define your own genres? People may butcher the name, shorten it and in the end call them whatever they damn well please, but one thing is for sure: when you see all six words staring back at you from a flyer, a computer screen, or some shit magazine you just bought, you will not forget what you saw. Case in point, their music isn't easy to read. It's long. It's abstract and forward-thinking. It's just like the name that represents them.

MY AMERICA's sound is a high-wattage, riff assault that sounds like a burnt-out Steve Albini playing Refused covers. Their music allows minimalist, single-guitar riffage to expand into monstrous textures where the guitar strings sound quite obviously like some kind of beer-soaked sickle cutting through a colossal drum and bass backdrop after a 30-pack of beer.

All of this crafty and intelligent musicianship is provided by four fine young men from Delaware who have seen Wayne's World before and know exactly what it is you are about to say— so spare them that and don't open your mouth. Their birth names are as follows: David, Matt,Andy and Brian.

They have a new album coming out called STONE AGE. Yeah that's right: STONE AGE— because it's heavy and stupid and unquestionably Neolithic in some respects. It's going to be produced and engineered by Louisville's own Chris Owens of the band Lords (Jade Tree). It's going to be louder, faster, and noisier in every possible way. And if you don't like this band already… well this album will somehow make you hate them more."

- A friend of a friend of a friend.

Matt, David, Andy, Brian

(Pluto Records, July 2008)

30,000 LBS. 7"
(Emerald Moon Records, August 2007)

(Emerald Moon Records, July 2006)